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The chamber was filled with a soft light; its walls were green and silver and its roof of gold. Many Elves were seated there. On two chairs beneath the bole of the tree and canopied by a living bough there sat, side by side, Celeborn and Galadriel. They stood up to greet their guests, after the manner of Elves, even those who were accounted mighty kings. Very tall they were, and the Lady no less tall than the Lord; and they were grave and beautiful. They were clad wholly in white; and the hair of the Lady was of deep gold, and the hair of the Lord Celeborn was of silver long and bright; but no sign of age was upon them, unless it were in the depths of their eyes; for these were keen as lances in the starlight, and yet profound, the wells of deep memory.

anonymous asked: haldir or celeborn

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[Stahma]’s asserting herself, but she’s also learning who she is, because who she was was so dictated to her, her whole life, that she never knew who she was. And so I think it’s gonna be as liberating in this season and as fun to watch her play with her “new power”, although she always had power, but it always had to be sideways, whereas now she can be more overt. But I think also you’re gonna see her struggling with some of the past decisions that she’s made.


okay but the important thing she said KILLED KENYA cause everyone was like 'poisoned and PROBABLY killed Kenya' defiance jaime murray but then the cc video said shes not dead im so confused did irissa bring her back?

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We all have that one character that you obsess over for months on end, but they slowly fade away into a special place in your heart as you discover other passions. Then the moment you re-discover that one character, the love comes back one hundred times as strong and it’s like they never left.

okay i have like 8 of these and the list ever grows but yeah

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i’m sailing to valinor after botfa ends 

there will be nothing left for me here 

SILM OR CHILDREN OF HURIN MOVIE but yeah valinor anyday

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In which Dís is fed up with idiots and fighting and decides to do something about it, saving the day with her awesomeness and now everyone can go home.

yes this should have happened hobbit

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Fires against forests - Aule/Yavanna, love and contention.


~for culumacilinte

Another day, another mark of time passed with anger where there should have been peaceful companionship.

They had been matched in the beginning, drawn to each other by the music that Eru gave them; there was something in Aule’s gold-and-bronze tones that drew Yavanna, shy and green and wild as she was in her youth, and Yavanna’s sweet, flowery trills - underscored by an innocent viciousness - fascinated Aule, made him lay down his tools long enough to take her hands and plead with her to wed him. And Yavanna had set her feet upon the stone and metal of his workplace long enough to say yes.

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i was having yavanna feels tonight and i remembered this fic you should all go read it aule/yavanna otp

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Also, I’m laughing because:

"But when the Valar entered into Eä, they were at first astounded and at a loss, for it was as if naught was yet made which they had seen in vision, and all was yet on point to begin and yet unshaped, and it was dark."

Valar, you didn’t read the small print: “One World. Some assembly required.”

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Thingol and Melian requested by anon.

Temporarily forgot that colour is a thing that exists.

My Doriath as an ancient Chinese wuxia drama headcanon/AU has gone too far.

wait have i reblogged this yet? it is THE most beautiful thing melian thingol

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order of the phoenix + chapters

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Aiwendil headcanon


One of Aiwendil’s favourite parts of the music of the Ainur was a tiny, fragile fluttering theme. When he wandered through Yavanna’s woods, and found a tiny winged insect, it immediately reminded him of the music. For countless years, his favourite thing was to track moths and butterflies through the woods, and note their patterns - and gently tweak those that didn’t blend in with their surroundings so well.

i love this! this is canon